A woman-owned business Serving Seattle since 2016

Our Process

When you come to us with a project, we first make a complimentary consultation to meet you at your home to take notes/measurements and talk about possibilities. This initial complimentary consultation usually takes at least 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of the project. Before we leave you'll be given a ball-park estimate of what the work is likely to cost, as well as a timeline. If after we leave you decide you want to move forward with us, then we'll get started. The exact process will depending on your needs, but generally it consists of:

  1. Drawing up 3D computer models so you can visualize the results and approve all plans and choices.
  2. Drawing up 2D building plans to submit for building permits
  3. Creating a shared Google spreadsheet with a budget so that you are able to see the real-time expenses of your project
  4. Creating a shared Google calendar so you're always aware of what's going on in your home
  5. Pulling the needed permits, purchasing the materials, and hiring the various specialists such as carpenters, plumbers, and electricians.
  6. Protecting your home with whatever is appropriate for the job: floor/wall protection, booties on all workers, etc.
  7. Completing the work

As we move through the process, we request from you:

  • Access: Predictable access to the job site -- so either you are always home/available to let us in or you provide us with a key or lock-box. It's ideal when we are able to access the space via a basement, back-door or garage so that we can be as unobtrusive as possible.

  • Funding: Up-front funding and regular installments as agreed upon -- this is usually about 50% cash up front, with installments thereafter. You'll be able to monitor the spending via our shared Google spreadsheet. Each budget is unique, so we'll work with your situation.
  • Decisions: We'll give you at least a week's notice when we need you to make a decision about something, and we ask that you make those decisions promptly so that your project stays on schedule

Our Fees

Our Fee: We charge a flat 15% of the total cost of the materials, permits and labor as our income/profit -- no matter how many hours we end up putting in. This fee includes:

  • Drafting/maintaining a budget and calendar
  • Drawing-up 2D permit plans and 3D computer models
  • Researching, sourcing, and purchasing all materials
  • Getting bids and then hiring and managing the sub-contractors
  • Pulling all permits and working with the inspectors
  • Managing all workers while taking on liability and risk
  • Providing you with information and helping you make decisions
  • Being at your disposal whenever you need something

Taxes: We are legally required to charge city, county, state, and federal tax on all materials, permits and labor. In addition, we are required to be licensed, bonded, and insured. These taxes are mandatory for us to operate legally. It makes it clear everybody to have the 15% in taxes identified as a line item so you are able to see what you're paying in taxes that isn't our income/profit.

$40,000 gross cost of materials and labor
   +$6,000 -- 15% fee (Moxie's mark-up/income/profit)
$46,000 -- total cost of project
   +$6,900 -- 15% tax on total
$52,900 -- total cost to client

Note: Most remodel contractors charge about 30%-50% mark-up which covers everything (profit as well as taxes). We break it apart so clients know exactly what they are paying for.

Our Hourly Labor Rate: For small projects there may only be a need for general labor. In such cases, where the client is more comfortable paying hourly rather than by the fee percentage, the below day rates will apply:

  • For one general labor worker per day: $100 for up to two hours, plus $45/hour after that for up to a maximum of $370 (plus 15% tax) for an 8-hour day.
  • For two general labor workers per day: $180 for up to two hours, plus $75/hour after that for up to a maximum of $630 (plus 15% tax) for an 8-hour day.